Thursday, 26 January 2012


It´s amazing how scents can transport you in time and place. A special scent can reawaken a transitory, half-remembered world where memory and nostalgia, hopes and dreams all intermingle.    

Most fragrances are categorized as belonging to one of six different fragrance families: Oriental, Chypre, Fougère, Floral, Citrus and Ozonic. My all time favourites are the chypres. They have this dryness about them and are understated, pared-downed formulas, which gives them elegance and sophistication. Chypres are based around oak moss aided by cedar wood, vetiver and patchouli counterpointed by citrus notes. Great chypres, to my humble nose, are Gucci by Gucci and Vetivert and Mitsouko both by Guerlain. 

Do you have a favourite scent?  

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