Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Truly yours

Truly yours

`Tis many years since we first met,
When youth was in it´s prime;
You´ve made my life a joy to me, -
One long sweet summertime.
Our friendship ripened into love;
My heart but you adores,
And day or night I love but you,
I still am - "truly yours."

Believe me when I tell you true,
Love cannot close its doors,
So long as you are true to me,
And I am "truly yours."

When other lips breathe words of love
And make some promise true,
Then like some swift-wing´d messenger,
My love flies back to you.
Then am I happy, for I feel
Love crushes hearts by scores,
And leaves yours loving noe but me,
While I am - "truly yours."

Though time in its untiring flight,
Teach others to forget,
There´s one whose heart you taught to love,
Who fondly loves you yet.
Though I be sitting by your side,
Or off on foreign shores,
Morn, noon, or night, afar or near,
I still am - "truly yours."

William Shakespeare Hays
(1837 - 1907)

For the love of my life, my wonderful husband N.

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